DSIP (Delta Sleep-inducing Peptide)

DSIP or Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide is a small peptide used by neurons in the brain to communicate. There are many of these type peptides and they all influence the brain in certain ways.
This particular peptide is found in several areas throughout the body and the exact mechanism by which it induces sleep is not exactly clear. It could be any one of a number of effects it exerts or a combination of many. It is present in the hpta, the brain, the melanocortin system, and various organs and tissues throughout the body.
It increases the release of Growth Hormone and decrease the release of Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone. It also decreases corticotropin (aka stress hormone). It is proven to improve SWS (slow wave sleep) and also impact the circadian rhythms working to reset your sleep clock if you will.
With all the things this does in the body, and all the places it is found, the bottom line is it is proven to help you sleep. It is proven effective in research as a treatment for narcolepsy and normalizing sleep patterns.




CJC 1295 DAC 2mg

HCG 5000iu

TB-500(Thymosin β4)


PT-141 (Bremelanotide)
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